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Woody Allen with Penelope Cruz on-set of To Rome With Love (2012)

directed by roger vadimcinematography by claude renoir

jane fonda & peter mcenery

Film History n.1: Roundhay Garden Scene

Even thought it seems like some ridiculous thought these days, films, like every other forms of life, were born to eventually die. In many cases some films may be looked as files born to last forever, however, reality shows that nearly 95% of the moving pictures produced every year will not be able to last for more than one year. 

Hopefully, the internet has been introduced over the last decade as an efficient way of preserving films through digitalization, this is the case of Roundhay Garden Scene, a short film recorded in 1888 by inventor Louis Le Prince, recorded at 12 frames per second, runs 2.11 seconds and it’s considered the oldest surviving film. 

Louise’s film was recorded in Joseph and Sarah Whitley’s garden, and it featured the house owners walking and laughing accompanied by Louise’s son and Harriet Hartley. 

Roundhay Garden Scene will hopefully be preserved for many generations to come, as an example of the most primitives forms of cinema, which is considered  the first recorded steps of the sublime form of art that we know today.